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Data Sources

A data source represents some external repository of data which NetBox can consume, such as a git repository. Files within the data source are synchronized to NetBox by saving them in the database as data file objects.



The data source's human-friendly name.


The type of data source. Supported options include:

  • Local directory
  • git repository
  • Amazon S3 bucket


The URL identifying the remote source. Some examples are included below.

Type Example URL
Local file:///path/to/my/data/
Amazon S3


The source's current synchronization status. Note that this cannot be set manually: It is updated automatically when the source is synchronized.


If false, synchronization will be disabled.

Ignore Rules

A set of rules (one per line) identifying filenames to ignore during synchronization. Some examples are provided below. See Python's fnmatch() documentation for a complete reference.

Rule Description
README Ignore any files named README
*.txt Ignore any files with a .txt extension
data???.json Ignore e.g. data123.json

Last Synced

The date and time at which the source was most recently synchronized successfully.